Pictures Here, Pictures There, Pictures Everywhere

Pictures aren’t uploading to the blog as effectively as I would like – it takes a long time, which can be challenging as internet isn’t always reliable, and they often end up in the wrong order or otherwise hard to see.

What I think I’m going to try instead is using my Picasa Web Album for most of the photos – on the left toolbar on the blog homepage is a link called “Pictures!”. I’m going to organize the photos by city, so click on the link of the city you’d like to see photos of, and it will take you to the online album. It will automatically update as I add/change my photos, and the pictures upload much quicker.

I will still put pertinent pictures on the blog (who wants to read the boring stuff I’m writing??) but that way everyone can see more photos in general of all the stuff we’ve been seeing. If it doesn’t work very well, let me know and I will try to come up with something different.


3 responses to “Pictures Here, Pictures There, Pictures Everywhere

  1. I really enjoy the stuff you are writing, so please don’t stop

  2. I agree with Anne! Keep writing 🙂

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