My Dirty Little Secret…

It doesn’t seem like I speak Spanish all that much.

Yes, I live in a country where the official language, and essentially “only” language spoken is Spanish. I go to classes that are taught in Spanish by teachers who don’t necessarily even know English. When I walk on the streets, I hear almost only Spanish. When I go out to eat, or go shopping, or check books out from the library, I speak Spanish. I can’t remember the last time a stranger spoke to me in English.

However, I speak English with all my firends. I speak English with my roommate, and I rarely speak (regardless of language) to the Spaniards in the residencia.

Spanish isn’t my major, and I’ve always been slightly ambivalent about becoming fluent. However, some days I feel like my time here in Spain is a little lacking in purpose, like a temporary “pretend” life. Becoming fluent in Spanish might help with that feeling.

There are probably things I could do to speak more Spanish, but they’re not intuitive or easy, and I just haven’t yet. Like I said… my dirty little secret.


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